Health benefits:

Rich in fiber.

Helps reduce cholesterol.

100% whole grains.

Free from GMOs.

A good source of iron.

Good source of protein.

A good source of beta-glucan.

Ingredients :

100% oats

Allergy information:

Manufactured in a place that deals with wheat and almonds. It may contain traces of almond and wheat.


Keep in a cool, dry and healthy place, away from heat and direct sunlight.

Net weight :

1 kg

How to prepare:

Add ½ cup or 35 grams of oats to a cooking pot.

Add 1 (240 ml) of milk or water to the bowl.

Cook the contents on medium heat for 12-15 minutes (cooking times may vary depending on the desired consistency).

Stir constantly, serve hot.

Add honey or fruits as desired, to enjoy a complete meal.

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